Our Clean Up day On The 27/5/17


Here are some pictures from the clean up day were we had recorded number of local people come out and help us. We also meet some new local people and clean up the local area at the same time. We would like to Thank everyone for their support and hope to see more people.


*NATH Planning Group Update*

Norbury Police Station Redevelopment

The Norbury Police Station Redevelopment was sent to Croydon council planning committee by the Love Norbury planning committee as they objected to the Redevelopment of the Norbury Police Station and there plans.

However its Good News for us at the NATH planning group as Croydon council planning committee took the decision to withdraw it from the planning committee and hand it back for approval by the planning officers. This means it should soon be approved and the work should start some time in 2017 hopefully.

Christmas In Norbury


Christmas In Norbury

Working with Love Norbury we have brought a little Christmas joy to Norbury high street and Norbury Ave in shapes of the Christmas light on every lamp post. Making the High street just that little more Festive.

Through team work and hard work we have manage to get four lamp post on Norbury Avenue to be wrapped with Christmas light located by the railway station to brighten up those long commutes home and share the festive joy with more people.

*UPDATE* From NATH planning group

We have an update on two big planning application within our area and our views on the application.

Norbury Police Station Redevelopment

We have supported the plans to redevelop the old police station and feel there will be no impact on the surrounding area. We asked that the planner change there mind on lowering the bricked wall around the site other then this issues we found no problem with the redevelopment and hope it starts very soon.

Lidl Store Norbury

We have come out in full support for the plans to make the Lidl store in Norbury bigger and better. This will included a better rang of products and a new bakery section. we do not believe the plans will have any impact on the local area as the extension will be where existing car parking space are located, and the new land will hold more parking space and will be landscaped and a new fencing will be round the land. This will improve the view from Grandville gardens where before there was disused garages once stood and collected litter. We believe these plans show that there is growth to be had in Norbury and will see development of local services for local people. To view some of the plans of the store click the link, 16_05409_ful-landscaping_plan-341590

Improving Cleanness on Norbury Ave

We have been in discussion with Croydon Council due to the poor cleanness of Norbury Avenue. The biggest problem being around the station and the schools.

We have asked for:

-Two new bins located across Norbury Avenue. Two have been placed by Croydon Council one by the train station and the other one by the school.

– To increase street cleaning from one day a week to two days a week. still awaiting an update

– The road sweeper to come different times of the day every week to ensure the road is cleaned to a good standard. still awaiting an up date

Thank You to Cllr Stuart Collins for all his hard work to keep the standards of cleanness high.